Hello, and welcome to the SE4SK Family, as you know we are a group that organize and host FREE events for children with special needs and or disabilities.

First, I will tell you a little about us, we have been around for just about 5 years, I along with my daughter Alyssia organize and host these events. We started with 1 event our Winter Festival, 2nd year we had 2 events, 3rd year we have increased to over 7 FREE events for the kids, 2 fundraisers and 1 community outing. Our 4th year we are doing so much more over 10 events already planned including two fundraisers, We are ran on donations and whatever fundraising we can do. We have several volunteers ( Adult and Youth) that donate their time to make all of our events a success, such as face painters, photographers, videographers, magician and characters just to name a few.

Next, you must Pre register for all events, we like to keep our numbers around 40 max, so please do not wait, register as soon as you know you have the availability. We do fill up, then we will have a waiting list, which I do use from time to time, people sometimes have to cancel. Please make sure you cancel as soon as possible we have had too many people register and not show up, we will be making a new rule about this. All of our events can change at any time, being ran by volunteers and donations, things can change, and we are ok with that, we will find a way to make it work don’t worry. Each event will have specific ages listed, we are open to children ages 3-17 but again each event is different, so please read all of the information before registering. We also like to have only 1 parent attend ( inside events, outside events 2 is fine) unless you need more than one parent to assist with your child, we had a family in the past that brought 6 people which included cousins and aunts, they were found putting the free food in their bags and having traditional children invade our toy table, it was a mess, so we have addressed it by, limited the amount of family members to attend. If you call me to ask about bringing a grand mom or visiting family member, we can usually accommodate, but please call or text to ask. Also, no siblings are allowed unless they are special needs, if they are older and are there to assist you or your other child, please let me know and maybe we can accommodate.

We are a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE, so with that being said your child is allowed to have a meltdown or run around, we just ask that you keep an eye on them and not disappear ( believe me it has happened). Our volunteers are aware of the children we provide for, if they ever feel uncomfortable in a situation or not sure what to do, we just ask them to remove themselves from the situation, please don’t take offense. We have had children who bring fidget toys, noise cancellation head phones and weighted blankets to our events, and we are ok with this. Children have also gone into sensory overload and need a break, it’s all good, we don’t mind, I have NEVER had to ask a parent or a child to leave, we understand that things are different and that is ok. We also have parents that only come for 30mins to an hour, that is all their child can handle, we are ok with that as well, we take no offense, we just want them to have fun.

Some HOUSEKEEPING you will need to sign a yearly waiver, this just says you will not hold myself, volunteers or any of our donated spaces responsible if anything is to happen. We also have a picture waiver, THESE MUST BE SIGNED TO ATTEND EVENTS. Once it is signed you will not sign again until 2021, same with the participation form.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to text, email or call me 856-264-9386.

Again thank you for joining the SE4SK Family,

Jami Founder SE4SK

Alyssia Co-Founder SE4SK

Remember to like us on facebook@SE4SK for all of our updated information.

Email: specialevents4specialkids@gmail.com

Feel free to txt a picture of the completed forms to Jami at 856 264 9386