Hybrid Basket Auction Information

This year’s basket auction will be a little different due to covid.. We will be hosting a hybrid auction!!! What does that mean???

Well, we will put all the baskets out, we will open the doors at 1pm and allow groups of people to drop their tickets and purchase 50/50. Everyone will leave, no one will stay at the building except the volunteers. People can swing by and drop their tickets until 7pm at 7:15-7:30 we will go live on FACEBOOK@SE4SK and start drawing the winners.After we have finished drawing the winners we will also post on the se4sk Auction page and call you. You may want to bring a stamp or return address labels or make your own with your name and phone number, it will be easier than just calling out the number.

All winners will then head back to the venue to grab their baskets, you MUST arrive before 9pm. If you are out of state and would like to participate, your tickets will go in gift certificates and if you win, we will send them in the mail.

Sheets of tickets can be bought for $10.00 each or 6 sheets for $50.00 the day of the event. If you can not attend you can contact Jami at specialevents4specialkids@gmail.com and I will drop the tickets for you, not in specific baskets but in specific categories kids, alcohol, gc’s etc. You can pay by Venmo or check.

We will also sell 50/50. We will send you a check if you do not want to come back and pick up your money.

This is not the typical basket auction, we understand, but with all that is going on we want to make sure everyone is safe!!

Last year we had over 130 baskets!!!

Thank you for always supporting se4sk in all we do. Contact Jami if you would like to donate a basket so we can arrange pick up or drop off!!!
Jami 856 264 8386